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The New Look

When an iconic brand goes through a change, it will always be a big change, but not always successful. The Coca-Cola Company just went through a huge re brand of their Diet Coke products due to falling sales. In statements given by the Coca-Cola company, they stat that they wanted a new modern look to their company. With that idea in mind, they dropped their signature swirls, wave, and serif font on their logo. With a block of vibrant color to represent the new flavors and hybrid serif/sans-serif font they crafted, the new look is pretty successful on the can version, when they are all put together. The new simplistic vector illustrations on the can are much less distracting than the old overly detailed version of the older designs. Although successful for the cans it does not quite translate as well for the bottle. With this packaging there is different positioning and seems much more claustrophobic because of the touching edges.

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