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Just Sharing


I came across a set of images by a graphic designer named Stefan Kirov Kanchev.  His work is eye-catching and interesting.  There were two that really stood out from the rest (at least to me they did).  Both images appear to be made for the same company.  They have the same typeface, logo, and layout.  The only difference between the two is the center content, and one has a little extra verbiage.  Both images have a horizontal layout with black backgrounds.  On one piece, cascading vertically down the center of the image, like a waterfall, are music notes.  Some of the notes are more transparent than others, which creates a layered effect.  The music notes are also different values, some are white, dark grey, and other values in-between.  To the right of the music notes is a circle logo.  It is constructed of lines which create a sun-burst and a landscape.  There are also three words below the logo (I’m not sure what they say because it’s in another language).  To the left of the waterfall is the name of the company.  The text on both sides is in close proximity to the music notes.  The other image is set up in the same way except for two things.  Instead of having cascading music notes, it has cascading instruments (i.e. trumpets and guitars).  Unlike the first image, it does not have the three words located under the circular logo.


Both images are effective. They exhibit the use of several principles such as balance, contrast, and repetition.  Even though I may not be able to read the text, I can still tell that the image is about/or relates to music.  Check out more of his stuff here.