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Craig Ward

I’ll be honest here and say I don’t generally have a favorite designer. However, Craig Ward is the exception to that statement; he has become a big influence on my design work. Craig Ward is a freelance graphic designer whose style focuses on typographic elements. He has worked with many different famous companies throughout his career, for example, Macy’s, Calvin Klein, Dior, IBM, Starbucks and even Adobe. If you want a full list of the companies he has worked with, you can click here.  

He is a designer who experiments a lot with not only typography but with different materials as well. From his design you can tell he uses different mediums, such as ink, watercolor, paint, etc. Craig Ward does not limit himself to Adobe applications. Aside from being a great designer, in 2013 he published his first self-book, ‘Popular Lies About Graphic Design’. The book was a major success for designers and I highly recommend reading it. Craig Ward is a big influence in the design world, and we can certainly learn more from him.