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Business Cards To Remember

One of my favorite things to do in the rare occasion I’m not busy is to browse unique business cards. Business cards are important to anyone who offers services as it’s a miniature resume that can potentially discover new clients. One such unique business card that caught my eye recently was the ninja star business card belonging to the designers at studio_on_fire_letterpress_ninja_card

The cards featured the catchy phraze “It’s all fun and games until someone loses and eye” around the center of the star which set a light-hearted mood for the unusual design. The reverse side of the star had the contact information; which is after all, the point of the business card. The stamped design distinguished front from back and added just enough of a serious note to assure whomever picking this up that it does, in fact, mean business.

This ninja star business card was definitely one of the more unique designs I’ve seen so far, yet it maintained a charmingly simple and still effective result. This is a great method of promoting one’s business, and for graphic designers what better way than ninja stars!