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Digital Album Cover Designs

With the rise of technology, album covers and vinyls are becoming less popular among the common music listener. Luckily, musicians still depend on album art to express the emotion of their current releases. The ability to capture the meaning of the entire album with one photo; or artwork is much more difficult than many would assume so. Original content is important to market the musician’s style. Designers must be able to capture and properly portray the essence of the album otherwise there could be a possible shift of target audience. Fortunately, there is a wide variety in art styles when its comes to covers. This gives many artist a chance to express their personal art while representing the musicians style as well. As a designer who enters the music industry, being able to produce different types of artworks from paintings to graphic illustrations only adds value to their skill set.

There could be text based covers or albums could take a more fine art approach. It is important to understand the principles of design, obtain understanding in communications and marketing, and lastly network within the community. Designing a look and feel for the album can make a huge difference in sales for the artist. Whether it be merchandising or online marketing, the album art is echoed throughout. The musicians may have a specific look they want to keep, whether it be extremely artsy or abstract. To find the right designer for the covers is important as well. A designer who specializes in typography could be much more beneficial than an artist who creates graphic illustrations, but it all depends on what the musician wants to portray to their listeners.

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