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Creative complexity creating catching characters

Like many kids, I grew up with a controller in hands to drop flags at castles and save the princess. As I grew up, I went from just playing the game to appreciating the minute details the designers put into designing a single house, to weapons, armors, or an entire large scale exploration open world map.  The main character of the game is the face of the wide advertisement and when it comes to design characters, games made in the east have a much different approach than games that are put out in the west.

In western games, there is more value to realistic  looking characters that are relatable to average gamers but come with the pitfall of looking generic when you start comparing games with each other. Often times, they are usually characters in their older 20s or 30s. Their design of armors and outfits are often inspired from eurocentric or scifi models as many of the setting are taken in those place.

When it comes to games put out in the east, there is more creative risk taken in creating characters. Often times, many have outlandish colored hair that are common with anime art style with the goal to stand out and make the characters unique. The creativity is a challenge as it can produce great eye-catching and memorable characters at their best, or completely ridiculous ones that make you ask “why?” Many characters tend to be younger in their late teens or early 20s because of the value in youthfulness within the culture.