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The Importance of Organizational Identity

Perhaps the strongest relationship between public relations and graphic design exists in branding. A consistent visual identity contributes to the overall organizational identity, and a company cannot service the public if they do not know who they want to be in the public’s eyes.

Take Apple for example. One could argue that their brand is theirstrongest asset. Many loyal Apple consumers admit that Android, the main competitor, has better features and technology, but they collectively agree believe simpler to use. Steve Jobs wanted Apple to be user-friendly, minimalist, and he placed value in aesthetic appeal. These qualities have stuck with Apple for decades and have contributed to their enormous success.

In public relations, maintaining this cohesive identity shows consumers that the company is secure in not only what they have to offer people, but the fact that what they offer is unique. For Apple and other companies with recognizable brands, their visuals must emulate this identity. Strong branding makes organizations more competitive and can lead to greater success.