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First Impressions

In my last post, I discussed how strong branding improves a company’s public relations because it shows that the organization understands its own identity. When an organization has a distinctive identity, they express that they know the services they offer are unique and worth investing in.

Logos are consumers’ first impressions of a company’s brand. Although it is an element of visual identity, it must also reflect a company’s mission, values, and it is also a way to show how a company has evolved.

Continuing with the Apple example, the image below showcases how Apple’s logo has become more streamlined and minimalist over time.

The logo changes reflect Apple’s dedication to keeping up with and even leading trends. When examining the logo itself, a consumer should know to expect simplicity and modernity from the company’s products and services. It is then up to the public relations professional to reflect these same values while maintaining customer, investor, and media relations.