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What do you design for?

What’s your purpose in the design world? Are you going to be a designer that only designs corporate material or advertisement? A designer that entered the field because you only wanted to make a living out of it? Or are you going to become a designer that designs with a purpose? To design things to make an impact in your community or even nation, without the care if there is no monetary gain; because the cause has a greater worth to you than any amount of money. I think that as artist and designers money should be a means to our end– to be able to create and design things. Our designs shouldn’t just become a means to an end of money, because you are ruined as a designer. I’m not saying don’t become rich or don’t make money, but if all you care about is the money then all you are living for is yourself. Let money become secondary to your purpose as a designer, you have the tools and ability to make your mark. Support a cause or a purpose with conviction and design for it, there’s much more satisfaction in that than any amount of money.