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Psychology of Color in Marketing

Psychology of color in marketing


Ever thought about how effective color can play a role in branding. Turns out color has a powerful psychological affect on us that we don’t even realize. Right down to the shades of colors, colors have a psychological affect on the way we process different brands and logo designs. Of course culture, gender and age affects how we perceive certain colors, but for now I would like to just focus on a few general facts that might convince designers to take color more seriously.

This color chart give a general sense of what colors offer in different brands, how they can make you generally feel. A study conducted to show the impact of color on marketing done by Satyendra Singh (Department of Administrative Studies, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Canada) suggests that colors can be used to “increase or decrease appetite, enhance mood, calm down customers, and, reduce perception of waiting time, among others”. In a study titled Impact of Color in Marketing, researchers found that “up to 90% of snap judgment made about products can be based on color alone”. If used correctly, designers can create strong designs that promise their clients more consumers based on thoughtful color choices and smart branding designs.