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Dairy Flipping

Recently, Chobani decided to redo their entire identity — not just their logo and imagery, but their slogan and overall company objectives.

Chobani is likely the biggest name in yogurt outside of Yoplait, and as a result, smaller brands have taken cues from the company’s brand. The result is a lot of same-y looking products in your grocery isle where no particular item stands out, according to Chobani’s chief marketing officer Peter McGuinness. This huge visual overhaul was a long time coming, and has produced beautiful results.

The new imagery is contemporary and friendly, abandoning its harsh geometric logo and minimalist product design in favor of bright, floral photography and friendly, bold serifs. Key imagery from the company shows a lot of trendy young adults eating yogurt in chic, open spaces. These new designs have only been on the shelves for a few months, and I personally already have difficulty recalling what the old branding looked like. It’s distinct even beneath the harsh lights of the dairy aisle, which is an accomplishment.

Under Consideration’s Brand New review described the rebrand as “an Amélie-meets-Norman Rockwell-meets-Works Progress Administration aesthetic that feels earthy, nostalgic, and wholesome” — you can read the entirety of their thoughts and see more key imagery here. Do you agree? How’re you feeling about this delicious dairy design?