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Nostalgia: A Generation Longing for a Style They Did Not Exist In

The 1950’s were a time of huge innovations in so many different aspects of American culture. The decade brought us into the atomic age fully, the first commercial jets, and so many more innovations. Another aspect of the era was the design aspect. Perhaps the most iconic images of the decade were white picket fences in cookie cutter neighborhoods, retro-futuristic advertisements with bright colors and gaudy patterns, and a sense of homeliness.

After the war, inexpensive yet glamorous suburban housing developments sprang up everywhere, created by William Levitt. These overnight cities, dubbed Levittowns, were the hallmark of the generation. With these houses gave us the idea of the nuclear family, and the ‘good ol days’.

How does this affect modern generations you may ask? Those times in the 1950’s were a much more calm and peaceful time, on the home front at least. White the Civil Rights movement was on the upswing, Levittowns and the art and design of the era gave off a sense of community and fun. It’s almost romanticized in today’s culture, a youth who are simply looking for some sense of stability. Back then, it was go to school, then straight to work after graduation. You were set and you were happy. But these days, it’s a bit more complicated than that. With so many social issues plaguing a generation who didn’t deserve it put onto them, we really do wonder if times can ever be so simple as it was with pinstripes and pinups. For more on the 1950’s suburbia craze, check out this article about how the towns were designed and built.