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Design is all Around

Being a design major, my eyes for design have become more aware of the Earth’s natural design. Especially in rock and mineral formations, their chemical compounds allow for their colorful creation. I personally am fascinated by the opal rock because it is not the typical mineral. The opal rock has a more hydrogenous chemical formula which allows it to become more transparent thus allowing more colors to pass through it. Creating a rainbow effect that most gemstones and minerals can not produce. I find color palettes of opals to be inspirational and visually aesthetically pleasing to reproduce in design work. It is important to be able to find design everywhere around you, if you’re ever feeling stuck in a rut. Look up, far, near, and around. Design is built into everything; everything can not have been made unless design was implemented.

Below are examples of how precious opals encase wildlife and the natural colors they naturally emit. To see more photos click here.