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Sheets of Holding

Dungeons & Dragonshas had a dramatic resurge since Wizards of the Coast released of its newest edition of rules in 2014. The phenomenon has been attributed to many things — such as the reclaiming of “geek culture” through the popularity of Marvel movies and shows like The Big Bang Theory, actual-play programs like The Adventure Zone and Critical Role, and references in television shows like Community. (Read more about it here, from the New Yorker.) The newest edition of the game is more accessible than ever, and produces endless possibility for storytelling.

It’s still confusing, though. In D&D, you start any given game with a plethora of items, skills, spells, and actions that your character can use. It can be daunting, learning how to use all these effectively, but the hardest part is keeping everything straight. Dungeon Masters are used to the queries such as I can use this spell how many times?, Where did all my arrows go? and Do I or do I not have inspiration?

Never fear. Graphic designers are here to help.

Designers have taken to designing resource sheets that they sell to players looking to keep track of their things. Wizards of the Coat provides sheets for character creation, but they are lacking and difficult to understand for new players. Tumblr and Pinterest are flooded with newly-organized character sheets, making the game easier to parse for many players. Of particular note is r-n-w, who sells incredible hand-written sheets.

They also design various magical items as a collaboration with cartoonist rpgtoons, and those are fun in their own way. Check them out!


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