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Advertisements and Commercials

Advertisements and commercials: we seem them everywhere. They are always on TV, on YouTube, and other places. They are usually so avoidable because they are either obviously suspicious-looking or we don’t care about them. However, either way, companies can easily draw the online browsers’ attention by designing their ads and commercials with two important elements.

Needs or problems that are relatable are one of them. There have been common problems in this world, and the companies know that it’s time to come up with a solution for them. In their ads and commercials, they will start by firstly explaining the problem and then the solution.

Entertainment is the most important one because it keeps the audience less bored. It depends on what kind of target audience the companies are aiming for, but for the most part, companies will use humor to persuade their audience into buying their products. \


What do you all think? Do all companies use these elements in their commercials and advertisements?