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Painting in Outer Space

We have all probably seen artist depictions of the outer space environment like the ones below:

Artist: Ron Miller
Title: The Mountains of Eternal Light

Artist: Marilynn Flynn
Title: Rhea’s Sigh

While the above paintings are few examples of how artists visualize the elements of outer space may look, we may also wonder how different a painting may look and feel if done in outer space. See NASA Astronaut and Artist Nicole Stott’s, also known as the first astronaut to paint in space, to find out:

Title: The Wave
Artist: Astronaut Nicole Stott

In the photo above, she is standing proudly next to her painting that was inspired by a photo of Isla Los Roque, Venezuela that she took from the International Space Station. Here she is in action:

Amazed? Read the full story here then to learn more about this inspirational and amazing human being and her artworks.

Stott has not only blown minds by showing how she took her talent to the cosmos, she has paved the way for other artists who dream to paint in space and experience creating art in an environment one would never believe to be possible to paint in.