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How to Attract Graphic Designers

As graphic designers, we know what makes good design; consequentially, we know what makes bad design too. The City of Los Angeles creatively capitalized on this principle when they posted a job opening on their Facebook profile earlier this year. Horrendous in its design, the job listing drew the attention of designers and non-designers alike. The irony of the post gave way to media attention and viral spreading of the bad design.

When I was first shown this ad, I could not believe it was real. Surely a legitimate ad for a graphic design position would be professional, and at the very least not include text in Comic Sans, right? To my surprise, following the link sends you to a very professional job listing for a graphic designer. Apparently whoever is in charge of job listing for the City of Los Angeles has a good sense of humor.

Considering the principles of design, the City of Los Angeles’ ad is bad, but as an ad, I would argue it is very effective. Could you say then that the design is so bad, that it’s good?