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Are designers artists?

It is an interesting debate because when both field require the same type of knowledge. Designers and artists have to learn about basic color coordination and approach their projects in creative way. They both take a certain amount of traditional art classes like drawing or illustrations. They both have to cultivate aesthetic sense to create a pleasing visual. The major different is that artists are able to step outside of the box and experiment. They don’t have to stick to post-modernism, or classical, or impressionism or even traditional painting and drawing. When they experiment, they create a new genre of art like abstract or dada was. Many artists also draw for themselves and have a certain message that they don’t need viewers to agree with. Designers have a certain set of structures when they create their works. They can not go off grid or experiment with crazy layouts and types. Their works have to follow to the aesthetic sense that is the standard of their time because it is not about “expressing yourself”but about creating an appealing product for their clients.

In that way, I do not think designers are “artists.”