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Do YOU have a design crush?

I’m sure we all remember the hazy days of elementary school, and maybe even our first crush. Do you remember the excitement of picking out your favorite t-shirt and making sure you wore your sweet light up sneakers to impress the kid you had a crush on?

We’ve all been there before. Fast forward 12 years or so, and you’re scrolling through social media coming across the link to someone’s portfolio website. You’ve got to click on it and see what they’re up to, of course! So you do.


And your life has never been the same.


I could just be being dramatic, but sometimes when I come across someone else’s portfolio I find myself at a loss for words. Does that ever happen to you guys? And while you’re mulling that over, I’ve got a confession. While talking with one of my peers today, I asked to see their work — and now I have a design crush. If you’ve never had a design crush, I encourage you to find one, asap. And before you roll your eyes, let me explain why.

Design crushes will encourage you to make better work. My portfolio isn’t currently in any state to show employers, but after seeing my friend’s work today that will definitely change. Being inspired by other designers gives me the drive to be competitive and put out work that I’m proud of. Seeing the success of my peers with their projects shows me that with hard work and diligence, putting A+ work into my portfolio is definitely possible.

Just like elementary school crushes pushed you to wear your best t-shirt, design crushes will push you to create stellar designs, seek out new design jobs, and impress future employers. So if you aren’t already, start crushing.

shoutout to my design crush, thanks for inspiring me!



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