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Preserving Physical Interactions

How many times have you purposely chosen to email an individual in a professional environment, rather than talking to them on the phone or in person?

Designers that grew up with the internet are choosing to communicate with their clients entirely through emails. Unfortunately, using this communication method leaves messages open to interpretation and hinders the creativity process. Even a minor misunderstanding can cause drastic implications to the design project. When discussing color with the client, for example, your idea of dark blue could be completely different from the client’s idea. This is why designers need to express their ideas verbally whenever possible, since it is the easiest way to exchange ideas. The quality of the end product ultimately depends on how well the designer was able to communicate with their client.

Make sure you keep this in mind when you are working with your next client. Instead of communicating with them through email, schedule to meet them in person periodically. If you do not know how to schedule a meeting make sure you read David Elbe’s article, “5 ways to effectively schedule a meeting with a client.”