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With global warming upon us, and an increase in sustainable living people are more conscious of the things harming our planet and what we can do about it. Plastics are a huge problem across out planet. And not just plastics water bottles and containers that we see. Micro plasticsare a huge problem for marine life. Graphic designers have their part in advertising and making all things environmentally friendly look appealing to the public so that we, as a society, want to and are drawn towards making a difference. Designers overall have a big role that need to be filled and need to team up in order to do so. While many designers are already on board we need everyone across all fields to take this seriously in order for something to be done about it. The problem has become so large that it is hard to even imagine much less how we can tackle it. For starters we need to stop producing products that are the cause of the problem. Next we need to do something with the plastics that are already contaminating our planet, recycling and repurposing. But before we repurpose it we need to push forward on the technology that we have, especially for making polyester, recycled or not. The origin of micro plastics is coming from the fabric, shedding every time you wash it and ending right back into the ocean with all the other plastics. We need innovative designers, engineers, and the general public to be aware and interested in creating ways to collect this plastic and micro plastic as well as ways to repurpose it into something that will not further harm the environment.

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