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Do You Need Art/Design School to Become Successful?

Every student, whether they are in high school or college, must choose their career and take classes related to their career. There are some art and design classes we are forced to take and some that we can possibly pass through that we aren’t truly interested in. However, that doesn’t mean that we must follow the school’s way of teaching art.

There are some artists that took art and/or design classes that don’t even need to attend school to learn some skills and become successful. For example, Miranda July is skilled at performance arts and dropped out of UC Santa Cruz, but became famous thanks to her film, Me and You and Everyone We Know. For more information on the artistic success of Miranda July and other artists who didn’t attend art school, click on this link:

Either way, we’re going to be successful with the skills we carved, whether they are related to the schools’ teachings or somewhere else. Do what your heart desires and become the artist/designer you want to be.