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The most useless websites ever made

Deep within the digital jungle of the world wide web lies an especially peculiar website called “” It is a remarkably simple website consisting of only one page, with the words “Take me to another useless website,” and a button below doing just that. It’s not the website itself that’s magical; the dozens of other websites it takes you to are where the magic happens. One of my personal favorites is “,” a website that offers the user a stout, noodle-like character with two dot eyes. If you shake the noodle violently, however, strange things may start to happen.

You may be wondering why I would choose to blog about a website that literally calls itself “useless.” Why bother with it? Well, I believe that although “” doesn’t serve any productive purpose, it’s still, at the very least… amusing. It’s a nice time waster for you when you are bored. And, if we really want to get philosophical, “” may also help us grasp the sheer variety of websites out there. All the bizarre, inane websites that “” takes you to are just the tip of the tip of the internet iceberg. There are MILLIONS of website out there! Hopefully, you’ll get a kick out of this one.

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