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Designer Spotlight: Nick Chaffe on the life of a freelance designer

Nick Chaffe, a Manchester designer, illustrator, and typographer, recently sat down and spoke with Creative Boom on the pros and cons of his recent move to become a freelance designer. Chaffe has been working independently for nearly a decade, collaborating with companies such as Amnesty International, Lonely Planet, and the Guardian.

When asked how he has found such success as a freelancer, Chaffe responded that you have to “make your own luck, as they say. I really enjoy creating new things and self-initiated projects often bring in commissions.

I also feel really privileged to be asked to collaborate with people so I work extremely hard to make sure the I don’t let them down with what I produce.”

Chaffe also shared how there are hectic periods followed by slower periods. “You have to stay focused and be very organised, the best ways I’ve found to do this is by taking regular breaks with exercise,” he said.

With even more projects on the horizon in this upcoming year, Chaffe is an excellent example of a successful designer working independently in the field, and he is a good source of wisdom for new potential freelancers.

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