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It has been over a year now since the death of Vine, but it is remembered by many as the birth place of some of the most well-known memes. Only after becoming a graphic design major could I finally come to appreciate the classic meme, FR E SH A VOCA DO.

If you haven’t seen the original vine, the website explains the premise of the video as “…a woman mispronouncing ‘Fresh Avocado’ after seeing them arranged strangely on the sign of a fast food restaurant,’ but as designers, we know this strange arrangement of letters as bad kerning.

When done correctly, kerning helps to improve the readability of text by adding or removing space between two letters. Bad kerning, also known as keming, leads to misreadings, and in the worst cases, incredibly bad (but humorous) misunderstandings.

I find it amusing to see the implications of bad design–bad kerning included–so that I can be sure to not make those same mistakes!

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