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Stickam: The Innovator of Webcamming

Let me introduce you to an old friend. was a website used for live broadcasting and or webcam streaming. This was during the time and was still active. On this rise, Stickam was a place where strangers could meet and become friends. Myspace musicians utilize this form of streaming to broadcast live music feeds from their homes. Ultimately, due to low engagement and competition of newer streaming concepts; Twitch, Ustream, Tiny Chat, blogTV, and Youtube Live they shut down. The reason I bring this up, Stickam was a a design innovator for future webcamming websites and live streaming. They came up with a place where the broadcaster had the ability to kick people out if they were inappropriate, unlike Chat Roulette where you got paired with strangers, or build up their own fan base like how Youtubers are today. It was very similar to a Facebook profile; imagine Twitch and Tiny chat all in one almost. Stickam’s design paved the way for many other video based social media platforms and should never be forgotten.

Below are are screenshots of how Stickam used to look like when broadcasted. Webcamming is another social media platform that will be more popular following 2018. so best be on the look out!