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The Useless Two Letters

Why is every designer compelled to brand themselves using a monogram logo? While I have fallen victim to this trend, this pattern needs to end.

The main job of a designer is to communicate their client’s message, similar to the purpose of a logo. With this in mind, in addition to the broadness of the term designer, it is crucial for the designer to clearly communicate what service they provide. This is why monogram logos cannot be used. It is extremely difficult for potential clients to distinguish whether the individual designs for the web or print, just by looking at a monogram logo. If the client does not know what service the designer is able to provide, they will not hire them; it is the designers job to communicate this information through their logo. Instead of following the monogram logo trend, designers need to use their creativity to show clients they are real designers.

Just by avoiding this overused trend, designers can easily standout from other individuals around them, increasing their chances to be hired for jobs. If you are in the process of redesigning your logo, make sure you read the article titled “12 Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid,” by Just Creative, to review the other common errors made in logo design.