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Long Live Wooden Type

Millions of pieces of wood type are out there waiting to be rediscover by designers. Despite the impractical nature of this historic practice the process has not been completely phased out for a few enthusiastic designers. Many designers still look to wood type for its handmade and its distinct characteristics. Each piece of type has its own personality after years of wear and tear. However, the time and budget limitations that often come with design projects make it nearly imposable to utilize these types.

That is why places like Hamilton Wood Type & print Museum is working alongside P22 Type Foundry to preserve the wooden type by creating digital versions of fonts from extensive collections as part of the Type Legacy Project. Although the type losses some of its nostalgic nature in digital form, particularly the lack of the use of a letter press, it allows Designers to rediscover a piece of their history and utilize it in designs without have to break their budget or deadlines. Internationally renowned typographers and designers such as Matthew Carter and Louise Fili have taken the monumental take of choosing and creating these typefaces. The completed typefaces are currently available for purchase on the Hamilton Website.

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  1. hhamwi wrote:

    I feel that initiatives like this are really important to preserve history like this. Most graphic designers use these design aesthetics but have no idea where they come from.

    Friday, April 27, 2018 at 7:02 pm | Permalink