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This is what our Presidents were REALLY like!

Jason Heuser is an *extremely* American concept artist/illustrator. You may not have heard of him, but you may have seen his wildly popular “New and Improved Presidents” series. Here’s a small sample of the project:

George WARshington! Yes, that’s what it’s actually called.


They’re might be pictures more American than these, but it’s a VERY short list.


Regardless of whether we look back on these past Presidents favorably, or unfavorably, I think we can all appreciate the quality of their “New and Improved” portraits. They’re very detailed, to say the least, and hilariously over-the-top!


Even our current President gets the treatment. I’m not sure which detail I like more: the gold-plated tank treads, or the fact that the main gun has the words “You’re fired” painted on it.



Mecha Roosevelt is my personal favorite.

The rest of Heuser’s artwork can be found on his artstation account at Although, you can probably find these particular portraits anywhere on the internet where people are craving a little extra Freedom. ‘Merica!


Cat tax. (Also by Heuser)