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What’s so great about a career in graphic design?

Why Graphic Design?


When I told my parents that I was dropping out of nursing school to switch to graphic design they were so upset. They can’t deny that they knew it was coming. I was a young creative girl who used to draw designs from her dreams and used to spend hours designing layouts on her section in the yearbook, neglecting her chemistry homework. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been fascinated with science and I have a passion for helping people, which is why I chose nursing to make my family proud as the first to go to college in my family. But, as I approached the nursing program, I realized that it really wasn’t for me, it wasn’t what I could see myself doing happily for the rest of my life. So, how do we prove to people, or to my parents at that time that graphic design is a strong career and is a vital component in our world today? I found this list of what is so great about becoming a graphic designer, and selected my favorites from the list to share with you. Maybe it can boost your confidence in becoming a graphic designer, knowing that your skills are going to be put to good use.


  • You solve problems – Designers are creative problem solvers, so each brief represents a fresh challenge.
  • Challenging and rewarding – Every day is different, with each new brief throwing up a new creative challenge. You can’t cut and paste good design; you’ll be preparing unique things on a daily basis.
  • Businesses that desire success need us! – You see, every industry in the world benefits from good design, so there is a need for designers in virtually any field you can imagine.
  • Good Designers are in high demand – Yes, the Design world is very competitive. But there is and always will be a demand for good designers so if you have talent, the necessary skills and the determination to work hard, then you can be confident that you will always be able to find work.
  • You never stop learning! – There are always new trends, new tools, new technologies, new theories, new sources of inspiration – a creative mind never stops learning.
  • Gaining new worldly perspectives – Designers are naturally curious animals and you’ll find yourself thinking differently about the world around you and admiring the smaller details that go into beautifully designed products.
  • Work wherever you want in the world – One of the most exciting things about being a designer in today’s world is the freedom it gives you to work from pretty much anywhere you like. There is a demand for good designers around the world, while many carve out successful freelance careers, which often gives you the opportunity to work from wherever you fancy.
  • Making a difference in the world – Seeing something through to the finish is very satisfying and when your design is live and out there in the world, it can be a real thrill to know other people are seeing it, using it and interacting with it. You’ll join an industry with a rich heritage for making people’s lives better.


Just so no one feels the need to scold my parents, they are now on board and happy with my decision. 🙂


  1. jhunte15 wrote:

    I’m glad that you’re choosing the major that you want, but remember, it will be more difficult to find a job as a graphic designer . That’s not to say the demand for graphic designers is nonexistent; the jobs are definitely out there. But, it is a very competitive field. Anyway, best of luck to you!

    Friday, April 27, 2018 at 4:13 pm | Permalink
  2. iyoung wrote:

    I agree with the comment above, us designers who have followed our creative passions do have the caveat of being smaller career field. Make sure you show that you can both be a designer and make money by aspiring to get that steady job!

    In terms of the article, the bullet that resonates the most to me is the one that states “you never stop learning” Being a designer has helped me so much not only with being a creator, but just appreciating the small things more and being more aware of what the world has to offer overall.

    You walk down the street and see different logos and typefaces and various little bits of information that otherwise you would be sort of blind to. In addition, we work with clients from all design fields and its crazy to see how all these different worlds can be brought together through one unifying practice called “design” 🙂

    Sunday, April 29, 2018 at 4:48 pm | Permalink