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New Expectations With New Tech

Technology is all around us today and influences almost all the different aspects of our life today. Some technological advances that have been made have been slow to make any progress while others have been quick to turn around. With all the technology around us today we occasionally forget that technology has come a long way to get to the form we know now. Graphic design in the traditional senses has only been around since the birth of the internet but there have been several technological advances to influence what graphic design is today. With all the new technological advances people have begun to think about graphic design in more abstract ways. With these advances, people have also been asking more of graphic designers. An example of this would be a YouTube video I watched about a well-known graphic designer named Carl de Torres. He was approached by IBM to create several abstract representations of non-visible things like data, connectable and scalability. This would have been a challenge for any person not trained in graphic design.