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Have you heard of the PANTONEVIEW COLOUR Planner?

It’s described by Pantone as a “lifestyle color trend forecast offers seasonal inspiration, key color directives, suggested color harmonies plus material and product application across men’s women’s, active, color cosmetics, interiors and industrial design.” Basically, it’s just a book full of moodboards and color palletes. And it costs $785.

Who decides what colors go  in it? This article from the New York Times can tell you more.

My question is, does it really matter? The pricing is prohibitive to the individual designer, meaning it’s pointed at firms and manufacturers. In that case, isn’t just a self fulfilling prophecy? If all the big designers buy this, it seems that it would dictate the trend, rather than merely predict it. In that case, are these color trends artificial? And would there really be any way to tell?

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  1. kkeyserp wrote:

    I thought this sounded cool until I read the price. Obviously not a useful tool for design. Sounds more like a really expensive coffee table book.

    Friday, May 4, 2018 at 12:01 pm | Permalink