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Comics and Manga: Where Art and Design Cross (pt. 1)

Every book needs a cover, even a comic. What normally separates comics from other books, however, are how visual they are, and their covers reflect this. They have to create a logo for their book that reflects not only the plot itself, but also the genre. All the while, it must appeal to whoever the author / artist / and now designer is aiming at. Here are some of my favorite examples of comic / manga logos which do a great job of developing a recognizable mark that help to establish a strong brand identity:


1. One Piece

This is personally my favorite logo of all comics. Without even having any plot synopsis, I’m going to assume that a general looker would be able to figure out that it is a story about pirates. Additionally, the red man that takes the place of the “I” represents the main character of the story.


2. Fullmetal Alchemist

Although it isn’t as clear as one piece, I like this one because it does a great job of conveying the mood of story. Like one piece, it manages to tie in the main character by being the same colors as the clothes as the main protagonist.


3. Naruto

I think this one does a cool just of making an interesting wordmark, which also so happens to be in the colors of the main characters clothing (noticing a trend?). The pink mark in the background isn’t just superfluous either, but actually represents a design that is present on a certain food item, which the main character eats many times throughout the story.


4. Tokyo Ghoul

This look may seem messy, and personally I think it could have been done a bit better, but what it does do well is represent the setting of the story. Tokyo Ghoul takes place in, well, Tokyo.  The city is well none for its neon culture and provides the perfect backdrop for both the story and the logo. Also, notice the difference in typeface compared to the bolder letters in the previous examples.  Who would you think this is being targeted to?


5. My Hero Academia

One of the newer shows, My Hero Academia has a fun and inviting logo. Notice the stroke on the letters and how bold it is? This not only represents the drawing style of the main artist but also the target audience.

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