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Comics and Manga: Where Art and Design Cross (pt. 2)

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Every book needs a cover, even a comic. What normally separates comics from other books, however, are how visual they are, and their covers reflect this. They have to create a logo for their book that reflects not only the plot itself, but also the genre. All the while, it must appeal to whoever the author / artist / and now designer is aiming at.

As seen in the last post, these logos can be quite iconic. They kind of have to be considering the medium, because these comics could be coming out on a weekly basis so it has to be able to stand the test of time.  For example lets look at this One Piece logo further and how it has been used since 1997!

So this is the logo out of context:


Here’s how it appeared in the first volume, published in 1997


Here’s how it appeared in the Volume 30, published in 2003


Here’s how it appeared in the Volume 60, published in 2010


And here you see how it appeared in the Volume 88, the latest volume, published in 2018

As you might imagine, fans seeing the same logo for 20 plus years can start to get quite fond of it.  These aren’t just random artworks, but a stable brand identities that come to represent the values and themes of the books they represent.