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What’s It (Really) Like in the Graphic Design World?

We step out of college drifting around, thinking about what’s out there for us. What are we supposed to do now? How are we going to get a job and network? Stepping into the real world is both scary and exciting. We are now in control of how we work, whether it is with a company or being a freelance designer. We think, “wow, we can finally apply what we learned in college and show others what we can really do.” However, what if clients do not appreciate our work and the self-esteem starts to plummet? All these thoughts are piling up in our heads while we apply for jobs and put ourselves out there. Have I really learned enough to be out here?

We may even have to grind at the local coffee shop before stepping into a design company. After multiple interviews, everything seems to be promising but there are no calls week after week. There could be endless meetings with potential clients who keep going back and forth with their idea and you sit there wondering how much longer you could do this. In reality nothing is easy in the beginning and we all have to accept that at some point; it will take some time for us to adjust to reality. In an article written by Brianna Flavin, she explains what to expect when we become a graphic designer, this article can help those who feel clueless. We have to experience the negatives to appreciate the positives; we have to believe that everything will get better with time. There are lots of uncertainties, questions and emotions going on after college but like everything in life it supposedly gets better.