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My First Ever Blog Post!!!

As weird as it sounds, I’ve never written a blog post before. People often blog to share their knowledge with others, build professional connections, or simply because they enjoy writing.

And I… drum roll…do not like writing.

I took three English classes at Nova, and an advanced composition class here at Mason, so I wasn’t happy when I found out I had to take a writing class. (Let’s ignore the fact that I initially thought Writing for Designerswas some sort of calligraphy or type class.)

Mr. Quigley told us on the first day of lecture that a designer’s worst nightmare is a blank piece of paper. I agree; for this assignment, I was required to write about ANYTHING related to design, and it was a nightmare coming up with an interesting topic to write on this blank document. So I thought, why not just write about what I’m thinking? Isn’t this related to the class? From my understanding, blog posts don’t need to be formal, so can I write like I speak? Please stop me if I’m wrong. I’m new at this.

The class so far doesn’t seem too bad; BlackBoard is well organized. And the projects that we’re assigned are supposed to be beneficial. We are going to learn how to write design proposals and briefs. So no, definitely no calligraphy. And definitely no design with type.

But that’s okay. I’m up to the challenge, and optimistic that the class will be one that I’m glad to have taken. The following link will give you a better idea about the class: