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Good Music Doesn’t Sell Albums, Good Design Does

Good music is critical in the continued success of an artist. Exposure is the key in giving an artist an opportunity. Due to the high saturation of content in the music industry, and society’s increasingly shorter attention span and unwillingness to invest time, good album design is critical to give artists the chance to be heard. When users scroll through music subscription services like Spotify, a good cover design will draw listeners in— it is up to the musician to keep the listeners captivated.

Green Day, Dookie

Every Friday is when most artists release their new singles, EPs or albums, so when Friday morning comes around I open Spotify and scroll through the new releases section. I cannot tell you how many times I overlooked an album because of a poor album cover design. A good album cover design helps me choose which unknown artist is worth giving my time. Well-designed album covers can imply that a project had a high budget along with exceptional production and writing quality. To me, a poor-quality cover design implies that the music is also of poor quality.

Spotify’s new releases page

Unless the musician is widely renowned, presentation is everything to achieving success. A well-designed poster, ticket, and merchandise all contribute to the success of the artist. Without considering their visual identity, musicians deny themselves the full potential their talent can offer. So, if you’re a musician and reading this, consider the value of the design accompanying your projects as much as the music itself, because people judge your music by its cover.