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Why Do Human Have Biological Urge To Create Art?

Art comes in many styles and forms, these styles and forms will always differ depends on the regions and locations. Although these styles and forms kept changing, the fact that art is about beauty will never change, and artworks are to be beheld and admired. 
Throughout history, much artwork was made for no other explicit purpose than the production of beauty. Before photography was being invented, the only way for the rich, and royal people to capture their wealth and beauty was through paintings, in this case, the purpose of art is being used in to order for rich and royals to get the attraction, respects, and fears of the public.
Art and beauty can cause emotional responses, beauty as-sexy phenomenon has a deep biological parallel with human art because it is the connection of a visual stimulus with an inner emotional state. In the case of a beautiful person, the external beauty of the person would cause a signal to be sent to the human brain, the external beauty will then be transformed into a desire. This is what fine arts are all about in humans: apply visuals to affect both metals and emotions of absorbers.
Art is about beauty, the artwork is to be beheld and admired by viewers. Throughout history most of the artworks were made for one purpose, that is to promote beauty, the only way for rich and royals to show off their wealth and beauty before the photograph was invented was through art, in particularly “paintings”. Since art and beauty can cause emotional responses in humans, that is why fine arts are so popular and is widely accepted by societies.