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This is Iphone Xs

If you haven’t heard yet, Apple just launched the new Iphone XS. And of course the timing of this new product release happens to be just weeks after I had purchased what I thought was the latest model Iphone. I try to keep up with technology, but I fail.

The new Iphone design is a little similar to Iphone X which came out in November 2017, but there is much more to it. The Apple website described the materials they used as “exceptional”—they used the sturdiest glass that was ever used on a smartphone, as well as stainless steel bands that give the phone a high resistance for water and dust. These features are great for people like me who tend to drop their phones frequently.

The Iphone XS, comes in two sizes, both fairly big, with better retina display. The facial authentication works much quicker than the previous IPhone, the charging process is incredibly faster, and there’s a dual camera system that results in better quality images.

What I think is the most interesting is that the portrait setting on the camera could also be used in apps such as Snapchat! Can you imagine how great your streaks would look? And what’s even better is that you’ll never have to delete a picture again because the storage capacity can go up to 512 GB!

If you’re rich enough to afford the Iphone XS, or if you want to donate one to me, you can order one from the Apple store by clicking on the following link:

Oh, did I mention, it’s about $1349.

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