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Is Repetition Fitting or Bland and Boring?

Recently, Hedi Slimane came out with Celine’s new Spring 2019 line, which is now being criticized for having similar designs to his previous line with Yves Saint Laurent. This brings up the question as to whether Hedi Slimane should be commemorated or critiqued for having such similar designs in his recent switch from Yves Saint Laurent to Celine? His newest Spring 2019 line shows parallels of different pieces with his past.

The article Hedi Slimane’s Celine: Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again by Vanessa Friedman discusses similarities between Slimane’s newest line with Celine and previous with Yves Saint Laurent.

The branding, naming, and fashion design for each line was similar. Slimane has managed to change Celine’s name and logo as he did while at Yves Saint Laurent. Much commotion was drawn from the fashion line for the Celine Spring 2019 line, which directly shows repetition of his past designs with YSL.

Can designers successfully repeat themselves or does this repetition prove a lack of creativity? Does repetition show that the designers are keeping their style alive or that they have not been able to elevate themselves?