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What Being Deaf Graphic Designer is Like

I sometimes find myself wondering what working as Deaf graphic designer is like. A few days ago, the idea of interviewing with someone has came into my mind. I know someone who is currently working at the company ORISE Fellow as Deaf graphic designer in Maryland, and her name is Kaori Vazquez. I emailed her few questions like what is your experience as deaf graphic designer? What do you want your future clients to know about deaf designers?

Vazquez has responded, “People out there do not really know about Deaf graphic designers”. She explained that she tried to communicate with her hearing clients by using her voice. When she did not get details enough from clients, she used her phone to type her questions in notes and showed it to them. Sometimes, clients did asked Vazquez why she used the phone instead of her voice. Vazquez said, “I told them that I did not want to misunderstand the whole thing or miss the important part of information. They would understand that.” She also added, “We, as Deaf people, have to show clients that we are aggressive in a nice way, so they will feel comfortable to know that we can design for them.”

Lastly, I asked her “What do you want your future clients to know about deaf designers?” Vasquez replied, “I want to them to know that Deaf graphic designers can do anything except hear.” She mentioned that working with many new faces is important, so her clients could tell someone else how good her designs are. This way is to expose to people that Deaf graphic designers are easy to work with.

Overall, Vasquez’s answers have been helpful for me to be prepared in the future. I am looking forward to working with my clients!