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One-Eighth of a Second

How tedious can motion design be? This semester I decided to take on motion design, not knowing what I was getting myself into. In previous classes at Mason, professors’ encouraged students to sign up for it; it will help you stand out from other applicants when applying for jobs they said. I know motion design is an amazing skill to have and will look good on my resume, but until recently I wanted to admit defeat. In the beginning, learning how to use After Effects was one issue after another. I would go to work on my class exercise, and just end up searching and watching YouTube tutorial videos to learn how to do one minor motion to a word.

Attempting to learn After Effects takes me back to the time I was learning how to code websites through Dreamweaver, it took me six weeks just to wrap my head around it. It is now the end of the fifth week of the semester, and I am just now understanding how everything works together in After Effects.  In my class, the first project is animating song lyrics to the music of the song, which is an example of kinetic typography. This video is a good example of the concept for project one that the professor wants the class to achieve. The first project is due this upcoming Tuesday, and I have spent hours upon hours animating just one minute of a song. Just to put it into perspective it takes me about an hour in a half to perfect five seconds of the song. So, for now, I will be in After Effects, moving around diamonds called keyframes to make the individual words come in sync when the artist sings it. I want to make sure not even one word is one-eighth of a second off even if it takes working on it for many more hours until my project is finished. I suppose this is what it takes to learn new programs in design school, and one day become a top designer.