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Bigger Phones, Bigger Pockets

Technology in recent years has been rapidly advancing, not just with specs but also in design. The cell phones that people own have been getting progressively larger with each year. Apple is a prime example of this occurrence with their frequent change in design biyearly.  From the iPhone 4 all the way to the new iteration of the iPhone XS and XS MAX there is a drastic difference in size. The iPhone 4 can fit with the screen of the XS!

Now where do you store these huge phones? As a response to the increasingly larger cell phones over the years, jeans manufactures have increased the size of their pockets. In order to compensate for the phone sizes, companies like Levi’s have made their pockets much deeper and wider so that people can comfortably store their phone.


Manufactures have adjusted their designs to simply things like this to guarantee customer satisfaction with their products. Companies like Levi’s make many different variations of jeans of every sized so that it best fits the wearer. However, now they don’t just account for the person wearing the jeans but also what the person is carrying. No one likes to have small pockets, especially ones that don’t fit their phones. People also don’t like having pockets that are too tight to easily get their phones out either. Pocket design has become an underrated aspect our daily life. Without the size of pockets, we have today, people wouldn’t want a large phone because it wouldn’t fit in their pockets.