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Fly Away With Inflight Magazines

While 30,000 miles in the air­ en route to LAX, I was scanning the Hemispheres magazine in the seat pocket of the chair in front of me. After learning more about Editorial Design in my AVT 313 class and putting these lessons into practice, I noticed the detail of margins, column numbers, and all-things grid! Not only was I amazed by the large scope of topics that it covered, but also the clean layout and beautiful designs. It was one of the most well-rounded magazines I’ve come across.

Hemispheres appeals to all demographics: young adult, retired, rich, budget-friendly, sport-lovers, and foodies. Each issue contains wholesome articles and remarkable stories of people around the world. This magazine also covers the most current, sought-after vacations and sights to see. Hemispheres also highlights the top food and restaurants around the world which can leave one with a sweet tooth after reading an article about Belgian chocolate or craving a juicy burger from San Francisco’s best new restaurant. Inflight magazines don’t just include your usual quarter-sheet or full spread advertisements, but also cater them towards elevating your flight experience. For example, restaurant ads use phrases like, “Fuel up before your long flight.” They take marketing to a higher level (*ba dum tssss*).

Hemispheres designers encapsulate some top-notch design. The issue contains minimal headers for their briefs section, and dynamic, yet elegant, presentation of content,  The body text is given enough breathing room by its neighboring design elements. The text, photos, and infographics work in harmony with one another. With my new appreciation for good editorial design, I look forward to my next flight so I can have another educational experience.

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