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Edible Sculpture?! Too Good to Be True!

An edible sculpture is a result of teamwork between artist José Margulis and chef Dinara Kasko. The cake is an edible version of Margulis’s sculpture work. Kasko used chocolates and basics ingredients to carry Margulis’s work and message. Cutting machine was used to cut blocks of red and white chocolate, then the chocolates were placed on top of a berry pastry tart shaped like a square. Having an architect and 3D background knowledge helped Kasko to create cakes and desserts with architected characteristics, using molding and 3D software.

“Eat with your eyes first”, if food is visually appealing; food would taste delectable. People might not observe that, but design surrounds us. Therefore, making things visually appealing to people is the designer aim. For all that, food design is an art, and it makes people hungrier. Yet how much design affects us in our lives, that even food design controls our appetite?