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The World’s Your Oyster

The GMU Mural Brigade’s vision of exhibiting grand works of art is in action. Works by professional muralists are currently on display at the Southside Plaza. The brigade’s efforts to bring high quality artwork to our college campus reflects the inspirational goals of our very own Mason students and staff. Seeing these efforts not only inspires emotion to those on campus but reminds students that they should take initiative to gain experience in their field of work.

It’s inspiring to see the increasing amount of student art exhibition, art management, and design opportunities George Mason offers. For one to fully expand their knowledge and grow, one has to put themselves out there and take up these opportunities. I often hear design peers complain that they aren’t learning enough in class or do not feel challenged enough as a designer. To reach our full potential as designers and individuals, we must challenge ourselves to be a part of organizations and groups that are rich in information and visual knowledge. Organizations like The Mural Brigade and AIGA give students ample opportunities to learn about the world of art and design and gain valuable life skills.