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If Fast-Food Is Considered Unhealthy, Why Is Everyone Still Eating It?

Fast-food is often the blame for many health issues that someone might be facing. However, people continue to make it the largest means of food consumption in the United States. This is predominantly because of the way that it is marketed and the design of its format.


The color red has been used by many fast-food companies in order to increase the appetite in anyone that sees it. Companies like McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, KFC, Chick-fil-A all use the color red in their brands identity. Red as a psychological factor triggers human survival instincts to feed because it resembles blood and signifies a weak prey.


Another thing that makes fast-food so appealing is that fact that its fast. Many people are very busy and, in a rush, or simply just really hungry and want to eat something ASAP. The fast-food format and concept was conceptualized and designed in 1948 in San Bernardino by Maurice Richard MacDonald until founder Ray Kroc made McDonalds what it is today.


Fast-food is also marketed to be very friendly and inviting with its massive assortment of company mascots such as Ronald McDonald and The Burger King. This approach of making the customer feel invited gets customers to develop good mental association with the restaurant making them more inclined to want to come back. It is also widely marketed on TV commercials, websites advertisements, and emails. This great saturation of advertisement takes the guess work out of what someone wants to eat because when someone is hungry, when they see something that looks good, they are going to eat it.