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Little Girl Giant of Liverpool

The 2018 Sea Odyssey: Giant Spectacular A.K.A. “3 Giants of Liverpool” as many may know it — a performance art even of giant marionettes created by Jean Luc Courcoult in Liverpool England, returns for the last time! This performance art event involves over one hundred French workers who are in charge building and bringing the movements of these giants to life. The girl giant made her first appearance in 2012, and is making her second and final appearance this year.


During an interview, Jean Luc revealed that the inspiration of the Little girl marionette, pictured above (left) is an inspiration from a letter written by a girl named May McMurray (above, right) to her dad who was a steward on the Titanic. Unfortunately, her dad did not survive the Titanic disaster and the letter arrived at Southampton after the Titanic had already sailed, so he never got her letter.

Cue the tears!

Jean Luc’s designed the 2012 performance around the story of the girl traveling to Liverpool to find her uncle. The uncle promised to dive into the sunken Titanic and get a letter the girl’s father had written to her while he was on board the Titanic.

The little girl with her uncle is pictured below on the left.

For this year’s performance, Jean Luc states; “there are some things we’ve planned but in my way of building things in my imagination I have to have different possibilities to respond to the public’s emotion.”

He decided that this year, the girl marionette will make a return for the second and final time with a message. Jean Luc states; “all I’ve had to go on is a message from the Little Girl Giant telling me she’s got a brother who’s going to come here.” The little boy giant is pictured above on the right.

The events took place earlier this month, but there are plenty of photos and  videos online to show how the whole thing came together.