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A New Brand Identity Can Make A Sport Team Better

When I was a child, growing up I never watched the NBA. Not because I didn’t like basketball, I loved basketball and went to many college basketball games. It was because the Washington Wizards, my home team, always were bad. I was never too invested in the team because unlike Football where there’s 16 games, NBA seasons are 82 games in length– a lot of games to watch them lose. However, it was not just how good or bad the team was that deterred me from watching them, it was there logo.

The old logo was odd and had a color scheme that didn’t reflect the Washington D.C. It was blue, black and brown, very fitting for “Wizards” which Is the teams coined named but felt out of place. In 2011, the Washington Wizards change the color scheme to a red, white and blue one and slightly redesign their logo until 2015 when they changed it completely. Ever since the change, the team has been consistently a playoff contending team. Now I know that it’s the players that make a team good, but I do believe that the identity helps. One, when a team is wearing the same logo that they had for all the years they were bad, on the surface, fans and even players are going to feel like they are the same team that lost in the past. With a new brand Identity, it’s like starting fresh. You no longer have the bad memories that are tied to the old logo and team can begin to build a new culture. Plus, now I find myself wearing Wizards gear more frequently because its looks good.

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