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Graphic Fashion

Nowadays, many fashion designers are moving towards an edgier, more graphic style. Garments and shoes that are adorned with bold text and crazy designs seem to be the new trend in fashion. Although I am not a big fan of this avant garde trend, it seems to be taking over the fashion industry all the way from the bottom to the top; everyone from Michael Kors to Tom Ford is hopping on this bandwagon. In Michael’s Kors’s summer capsule collection, which he coined his “Graffiti collection,” Kors embellished his popular accessories with handwritten graffiti inspired by life in New York City. I personally thought that the collection was very tacky, it just looked cheap. In Tom Ford’s most recent show, he debuted a new bag that displayed they phrase “pussy power” in a bold sans serif typeface. I thought Tom Ford’s design and word choice was very bold, not something that you would see everyday. I really am not a big fan of bold typefaces and graphic designs on clothing and accessories. Clearly, this is the new thing that is taking over the fashion industry, but it is definitely not my style.